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Women are the best real estate investors

Confused and Frustrated with Real Estate Jargon?
Wish someone would break it down for you?
Give you a simple plan to follow?
You found it!

First Deal Done Fast

For the lady
who likes to tip toe into fun!



For the woman on a mission
with no time to waste


I help busy mums buy investment houses…
without banks or a license.

Testimonials from Women I’ve Helped

Testimonials from Women I’ve Helped

I bought 6 vacation rental houses in 6 months without using any of my own money. I also didn’t pay for ANY marketing. Word of mouth!!! These houses bring me $8k-15k every MONTH!!! I love you, Whitney!


I made $70k in 7 months. THEN I bought 7 doors to start collecting passive income. Thanks Whitney!


I have a real estate license but Whitney showed me how to buy a duplex with owner financing. I actually collected a $8k check at closing. That’s more than I would have made in a commission!


Real Estate Investing… so you can…

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