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Get past the fears and learn the easier way to real estate investing.

Become a real estate rock star with Whitney Nicely!

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“All You Need Is Real Estate.”

Whitney Nicely

I’m the lady who makes those pink signs about buying houses. I went from selling dump trucks to real estate investor. Let’s be real you know you need a real estate portfolio.

New Training

Whitney’s Weekend Workshop (W3)

Get hands on practical know-how about real estate.
This is perfect for:

  • Someone new to real estate investing
  • Agents that want a personal investment portfolio
  • The dos and don’ts when finding a seller
  • Gaining confidence in closing deals

Mini Courses

Sharpen your skills. Everything you need to close deals to get new leads.
Learn new marketing tech to tried and true sales methods.

  • Speaking with confidence and hone your one liner
  • Step by step strategies to get you paid
  • Challenges designed to push you
  • Use Facebook to find hot leads

First Deal Done Fast Training

This is the fast lane baby. All the real world experience and training you need.
Not one of those get rich quick schemes it’s a repeatable plan that you can start.

  • High-quality non-boring training videos
  • Scripts and worksheets
  • Tools and how to for investing
  • A plan to make you a Real Estate Rockstar


The Real Estate Rock Stars