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Pull up a chair and get comfortable because I’m about to tell you a story about a girl who broke into the good ol’ boys’ club….
Oh, and she bought houses like other women buy shoes. Do I have your attention now?

There was a traditional Southern girl who went to college, joined a sorority, and did all the right things (sometimes the wrong ones, too, but let’s keep that between us). She graduated basically on time and went to work at her mom’s trucking company.

She was expected to do what she was told and keep her opinions–and she had A LOT of those–to herself.

*IF* she didn’t cause any trouble, she’d inherit the family business in 50 years or so… that was the promise. And when that day came- she would be looking forward to fourteen-hour workdays, and worrying every minute when she wasn’t in the office about all the things that could go wrong.

Enter her Pappaw on the scene–he was into selling trucks, and he was looking for a partner. As it turns out, dirty old men like buying dirty old trucks from cute young girls.

Our girl was selling trucks faster than Pappaw could supply them, making $500 for herself from every sale. What a thrill it was to realize for the very first time that she could make a large chunk of cash from a single transaction!

The two of them made an unstoppable team until Pappaw died suddenly, leaving her completely devastated. It was just not fun anymore without him to guide her through the deals, so our fun loving girl set her sights on a new adventure- real estate investing. She was ready to leave those big, red trucks in the rearview mirror.

I mean- how hard could it be?

Her mom had always been an investor. She saw those monthly checks pile up in the mailbox her whole life. Her Pappaw had flipped houses before she was even born. He bought commercial buildings right up until a month before he passed. Real estate investing would be fun, exciting and a new challenge for her!

But first- she knew she had to quit banging her head against the wall at the truck company.

You don’t think it was easy, did you now? This young thing turned her back on her entire family! Nearly 75 years of family tradition, pride, name recognition and “Our bucks come from trucks” raining down on her as she fought for freedom.

And it all came crashing down one cold February day when she had enough being told her voice didn’t matter and wouldn’t for a loooongggggg time- she came right out and basically told them that trucking wasn’t going to be her thing anymore.

She was leaving the family business and going to work for herself. Oh, the outrage!

Now, imagine this–our girl was making $2,000 per month working in the office for her mama. And, she made some extra money selling trucks for Pappaw, but her very first real estate deal landed her a whopping $15,000 in just EIGHT weeks!

Fear left very quickly once that $15k hit her bank account and she plowed ahead into an unfamiliar world.

In the first nine months, she closed 14 deals, and made nearly $140,000! Yes, you read that right–one hundred and fourty thousand dollars in just under a year.

She was on a roll, flying high, ready to conquer the world, one property at a time.

And then, on her way to a romantic weekend getaway, her longtime boyfriend took this opportunity to rain on her parade. He had the nerve to tell her that an epic fail was in her cards–that she’d gotten lucky, that she’d already worked with every seller in Tennessee, and that she should quit while she was ahead.

Because what would a girl know about playing boys’ games, right? Now, if you’ve been paying attention, it should come as no surprise to you that she told him to hit the road.

But bless his heart, he straightened up in a great big hurry and a few months later asked her to marry him, so they could live happily ever after. Houses may not be his favorite deals… but he did like the idea of passive income from apartments.

The end? Not even close.

This is when this young lady’s career took another unexpected turn.

How do I know so much about her? She’s me.

Hey there! I am Whitney Nicely, pleased to meet you! I really do buy houses like most women buy shoes, and my Pappaw still guides me, just these days, it’s from The Other Side. In three years, I’ve racked up two million dollars in real estate holdings, most of which I’ve already paid off using other people’s money.

So, maybe you’re wondering why you should care? Because this could just as easily become your story, too.

Instead of slaving away at a job that doesn’t value you or running a business that’s really running you, you could be buying up investment properties without getting any banks involved, without needing a license, and without any regular real estate investing hoops.

When I told my family that I was leaving- I didn’t have a clue if I would survive. In those days- I never expected to be having this conversation with you, or to be telling you this story.

Here’s what else I didn’t expect–that countless women would come to me for advice on how to do deals like a lady–how to find a lawyer, how to negotiate with a motivated seller, how to get financing, and a million other things in between.

But that’s what happened, over and over again.

Clearly, there was a problem in the real estate investing world. And where there’s a problem, there has to be a solution, right?

So, this is mine: a girls’ club for women who are successful, determined, and fun–that elusive creative outlet that brings in serious cash (because we all know we’re in business for the green).

And here’s the biggest secret that the stuffy old men who monopolize the real estate market will never, ever tell you–women make the best real estate investors.

Blow the boys’ club one final kiss. Trust me, you won’t miss it a bit!

I’m here to share everything I’ve learned, to destroy your limiting beliefs, and to empower you to reach a peak you never thought possible because you’ve spent a lifetime being put in your place.

I know how scared you are to leave your safety net behind; I had to do the same when I walked out on the family business.

And that made the difference between bland and grand!

Stop dreaming that one day you may actually do something. Today’s the day to get started!

Whitney Buys Houses- AND YOU CAN TOO!!!