Whitney Nicely is an expert property investor, speaker and real estate coach.  Today, she’s called the queen of real estate investing in East Tennessee.  

But that’s not how she started.

Before quitting her 9 to 5, Whitney scraped by on $24,000 a year working a desk job and living on her parents couch.  

That was in 2013.  

Now, she owns more than $2.5 million in real estate assets.

And she’s only 33 years old.

One of her favorite deals?  Early on, she spent $1,500 dollars on a piece of ugly, dirt land and currently rakes in nearly $10,000 a year, from that one property.

On our podcast today, she’s sharing not only her passion for real estate but also, savvy strategies to help you buy property.  It’s the kind of information she shares with her coaching clients—motivating them to take the leap into real estate investing.   Whitney teaches hundreds of women how they can use no money down, no credit and no banks to finance real estate deals.   In less than three years, she’s negotiated nearly 60 real estate deals and generated more than $25,000 in passive income each month.    

And you can, too.  Whitney empowers other women on how they can create a life of passive real estate income  — and freedom out of the rat race.

And yes, Whitney managed to buy all of these properties, while running her own home as a wife and stepmother.

OK everyone, I’m guessing you’re really curious about this young and fired- up investor, so we have a special offer directly from Whitney on how she made 6 figures in 9 months, but you gotta hang with us to the end to hear it.  On that note, let’s get started.  

Hello Whitney!

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