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money mindset, affirmations, get started in real estate investing, investing in real estate for beginners, entrepreneur, women in businessDo you know your money mindset? What are the thoughts that come to your mind when you think about making money and creating life freedom? If doubt, fear, and shame are present, it is time for an overhaul.  And, affirmations can help.

Call them what you will, but affirmations are a really helpful tool to help correct our mind when it comes to success. Most of us have these little negative voices inside of our minds that hold us back and stop us from success.  But, you do not have to be one of those people.

An affirmation is simply speaking into your life right now the future reality that you are on the path to experience.  Remember, your mindset determines your actions which determine your course.  They all work together. Get your mindset right and your actions will follow which will bring to reality the affirmations you speak.

11 Affirmations to Uplift Your Money Mindset for Real Estate Investing

Success is a multi-step process, but it really connects all the pieces of yourself in order to have it.  You mind needs to be involved just as much as your actions. What you say to yourself and believe about your goals is just as important as what you are doing for them.  You can control what you say about yourself.

Let’s begin.

I am worthy of my success.

Your success will always be dependent on your efforts and work; therefore, you are worthy.  You can now speak the future reality into truth now. You are worthy.

I can handle the struggles that come.

Perseverance is a choice.  Struggles are part of the process.  You CAN handle the struggles that come and you can figure out a way through.  Make the decision to persevere, even when it is hard. You can handle this.

I am intelligent and resourceful enough to figure it out.

Even when you feel like you do not know anything, you have to start somewhere.  But, your intelligence and ability to learn are completely up to your perseverance to stick with it until it makes sense.  You ARE intelligent and resourceful enough. Keep asking and learning until things come together.

I find properties in need of my help.

You have made the decision to do the work.  Now, trust the process. The properties are there.  And, you will find them.  Keep going.

Sellers seek me out to help them with their home needs.

The more that your name gets out there, the more sellers will know to go to you.  Sellers who need what you offer will hear of you. Again, trust the process. Speak to the truth.

money mindset, affirmations, get started in real estate investing, investing in real estate for beginners, entrepreneur, women in business

I deserve the income I desire.

With absolute certainty, you deserve the income you desire!  Now, do you desire what you’re worth? Start where you are with what you desire, and let your desire grow as you realize your worth and value.  That is okay. But, you do deserve the income you desire, because you have made the decision to do the work necessary to earn it.  

I am free from the job I hate.

YES! This is in your future. Do the work, let the process come together, and that job will no longer be needed.

I am open to the success that comes.

It might feel scary.  You might be afraid. But, make the decision that you will be courageous.  If you need support, reach out to the group.  You are not alone, and you are worthy of your success.  Decide now that you are open to your success, even if you are still afraid.

Opportunities are in the works without me even knowing it.

Absolutely!  Once the wheels start spinning and you start sharing what you are doing, opportunity will start to come your way that you never even expected.  It happens allllll the time.  I’ve seen ladies receive a call on day one about a house that needs to be sold, and within 24 hours they have a contract on it!  Opportunity is happening. Speak this into your mind.

It is safe to achieve my success.

I already mentioned fear, so really, what are you afraid of?  It is safe to succeed. You can handle what comes, and figure out solutions to any struggles. It is safe to achieve your success, and you can handle the pieces that bring it together.

I am thankful for the opportunities that come my way.

Like I said before, things are in the works that you cannot even possible imagine, so now choose to be thankful for all that is on the way.  You might be afraid. Give thanks anyway. It could be difficult at times. Be grateful. One step at a time, one day at a time, your success in taking form as you take action and do the work that is needed.  Give thanks even now. There is so much in store for you!

Is Your Mindset Where You Want It Yet?

While these 11 affirmations are super helpful in a pinch, I want you to have more than the little things in life.  You are worthy of some serious success, and the life of your dreams!  But, I know that we all tend to get in our own way sometimes, and the reason is because of mindset.

This is why I recently launched my newest course yet: Master Your Mind.  This is theClick here to get started course to marry your real estate investor ambitions with tackling the lies that keep you bound.  They are like two peas in a pod!  If you are truly serious about owning your dreams and taking the action needed, this course is exactly the gold you’ve been waiting for!  .

Take Hold of Your Money Mindset with Affirmations, and Set Your Course Today

Affirmations may not always make sense to you, but that does not mean that they are not important.  Think of it like speaking truth to your mind and coming into agreement with your blessing, because you were made to succeed.

Take this list and repeat these affirmations to set your course and determine your path of success.  I can’t wait to hear about all of your incredible success.

What affirmation speaks to you the loudest?  What would you add to this list to adjust your mind?  Share your thoughts below!