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Do you have an attitude of gratitude, or just simply an attitude?  When I was a teenager my parents had a lot of conversations with me about my attitude.  But, it is that exact attitude that has made me unstoppable- and a bit of everyone’s pain in the neck- in business and real estate.  

I have learned through my life, though, that when I choose to embody an attitude of gratitude my whole life is blessed.  And, I know the same will be true for you, too.

7 Ways an Attitude of Gratitude Will Change Your Life for the Better

If there is one thing I am sure of it is that being a successful woman in real estate does not require being a b*tch.  Seriously.  I know there are a lot of opinions about this lately.  But, really, you don’t have to go down that path.

I truly, truly believe that giving thanks each day is the single most important habit in my life that has been critical to my success.

I have developed a habit to give thanks to God multiple times a day.

Thank You, Lord, thank You, for this beautiful day today.  Thank You, Lord, thank You for another day to live and achieve great things!  Thank You, Lord, thank You for the parking spot in the front row.”

I put on an attitude of gratitude every day when I put my clothes on.  I choose to wear it every moment of every day.  Some of these things might seem unimportant and silly, but doing this little habit keeps my mind in the right place.  It trains me to pay attention to all the little blessings of every day and has enhanced my life for the better.

***Now, I’m a Christian.  I believe in God and Jesus.  I cuss a little, but I believe in Jesus.  If that’s not for you, you can for sure give thanks to whomever or whatever you prefer.  I believe in God, so that’s who I thank.***

Practice this single discipline and I know your life will change in such a beautiful way.  Here are 7 ways I personally have seen my life change for the better since choosing an attitude of gratitude:

#1 Develop a Closer Connection to the Giver of All Things

Every time I choose to give thanks, my attention it placed on God and His open hand of love for me.  When I forget to give thanks, I feel the opposite happen.  I begin to pull away and forget about Him in those times.  An attitude of gratitude gives me a better connection with God and helps me remember Him at all times.

#2 Easier to Remember the Little, Good Things in Life when Difficult Things Happen

We know that the more we practice something, the easier it gets.  So, when we intentionally choose to have gratitude and give thanks, we will also remember the little blessings in our lives more easily.  This has an added benefit, too.  It becomes far easier to remember all the good things in life when the hard things happen.  Teach your mind to focus on the good, even the little things.  That focus will stay with you when the not so great things come along.

#3 Opens Your Eyes to See Life’s Many Blessings

Just like I mentioned above, the brain has a way of being trained to remember.  But, it also is trained on what to think about.  The more we teach our brains to focus on the little, enjoyable blessings in life, the easier it becomes to see them!

I know it might be difficult to see any blessings in life right now, but start small.  Give thanks for the sky, or a sunset, or your house.  Choose gratitude when you do not want to cook dinner, and give thanks for your stove and electricity.  Teach your mind what to think, and your life will be incredibly blessed.

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#4 Positively Influence Others Around You

When you begin to practice an attitude of gratitude, everyone around you will be blessed, too.  The benefits of your overflow will surely affect your closest friends and family.  They will hear you give thanks for the silly, little things, and you will plant seeds for gratitude in their lives, too.

Just recently my husband said, “Thank You, Lord, thank You that there is not a line at McDonald’s today.”  Trust me, he never talks that way.  That is my line.  But, he hears me saying it all. the. time. so now it is something that he naturally says, too.  Be a positive influence for others and enjoy the added blessings it brings!

#5 You Become a Blessing to Others

An attitude of gratitude starts with the mind and mouth, but I have found that it also overflows into how I interact with people.  I love to send hand-written thank you notes.  They get sent out to my ladies in Mastermind, or simply to people I love and want to tell them thanks.  

My friends, loved ones, sellers, fellow ladies in business, etc. all benefit from my joyful attitude (and you better believe gratitude brings joy!)  When you decide to have gratitude for everything in life, you will find yourself saying thank you to others far more often, too.

#6  Your Overall Energy Moves Higher

In my new Mindset course, I talk a bit about vibes and the difference between a low vibe and high vibe energy.  I am a high vibe person, and I work hard to get myself pumped up and excited to do everything that I do.  But, one of the foundations to getting in my high vibe state is my gratitude.  

I work to recognize all of the things around me that I’m grateful for, like telephones, the internet, inside bathrooms, and electricity!  When I do this, it carries with me all day, if not longer.  There is a serious after-effect that lingers.  It is a fire that keeps on burning long after it has been lit.

#7  Easier to Surround Yourself with Supportive People When You Value Life’s Little Blessings

Here’s the thing: when you value or life and love yourself, you will not accept others around you who do not.  The more you see your own worth, the less you will accept anything less from other people.  This has been a critical point for my life.  It is why I knew I needed to kick my unsupportive boyfriend to the curb (thankfully he wisened up).

So, if you do not have positive, supportive people in your life right now, decide that you are worth more.  Then, do not be afraid to change your friends.  It will be hard, I know, but it is necessary.  This is the first step to truly deciding that you are worth more and worthy of quality, supportive people in your life.

Ready to Get Your Attitude Adjusted?

I know you want your life to be the best it could possibly be.  But, we women tend to struggle with getting our heads wrapped up in the wrong things.  We care!  Things can really matter to us, and as much as I think this is precisely why we make amazing real estate investors, it is also something that needs to be reigned in.  This is why I created my new Mindset course to help you get your mind in the place to support you in your goals!  Check it out to fill your mind with only the best on your journey to the life you have only imagined!

Put On an Attitude of Gratitude Every Day and Change Your Life for the Better

I am 100% convinced that if you practice an attitude of gratitude that you will experience such a new joy in your life.  You will have more energy, more smiles, better relationships, and a boost to your existence overall!  Take some time today and give thanks for even 5 small things.  If you can do more, AWESOME!  And, if you can start big, go big!  Start where you are, but just start, and I know the rewards will begin to flow your way.

Why do you practice an attitude of gratitude each day, and if not, what is getting in your way?  Comment below to share your thoughts!