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Change your thinking to change your life with real estateDo you need to change your life?  Are you struggling to make a breakthrough with your finances, but telling yourself your sad story about why you have problems that are getting in the way?  It’s time to change your story.

Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life with Real Estate

We all have struggles and difficulties that disrupt us from our goals and get in the way of what we are trying to achieve.  I was talking with one of my ladies in my student’s class recently and she was telling me all about how she was tight on cash, took out a new credit card to buy the group coaching so that her husband did not find out, and all these things.  And, I told her exactly what I am going to say to you:

Every time she tells that story she plants it deeper and deeper and deeper into her mind, into her subconscious, into everything.  So, if you want to change your life the first step is to stop telling yourself the bad story or the sad story or the weird story or the blah di blah story.  Just stop it.

I’ve gone through those tough times, too.  

I have had times when I did not have any money to do what I wanted to do, but I got up and I worked.  That’s the way to do it, all right.

I have had times when I did not have any money to do what I wanted to do, but I got up and I worked.  That’s the way to do it….”

Stop telling your sob story, and be empowered.

Stop telling yourself and everyone else why you can’t afford this or why you can’t buy that?  Or why you have to work more hours because you cannot pay your bills or whatever?  Telling yourself these stories won’t help you change your life.  It’s like eating at McDonald’s three times a day.  It’s crap.  It’s bad for you. Whether now or down the road the effects of eating crappy food catch up with you, and so do the effects of a crappy mindset.  Just stop it.

Tell yourself, “I’ve got this new new car, and I’m going to go driving for dollars.  The sellers are going to be really impressed with my new car. I’m going to treat this car like my new money making machine because now I can go driving for dollars.  I’m not worried about my car payment next month, because I know I’m going to get a deal driving from dollars and I’m going to make $5000.”

Tell yourself that every time you talk to a seller it is an amazing opportunity to get your deals done.  That every time someone tells you NO, let’s get excited because every time a seller tells you no that means you’re one step closer to another seller telling you, “Yes.”  THAT is how you change your life.

No is NOT the end of your story!

And I know how God works.  When that seller tells you, “No,” it’s because you wouldn’t make much money on that deal.  But when God brings you a “yes” seller that means you are going to make some serious bank with that seller.  

Every time you hear a no that means you’re one step closer to another seller saying, “YES!”

It may be that you are going to be able to help the seller do other things in their life that they want to, but when that other seller told you “no” that’s God saying, “Don’t worry.  I got something better. Keep going.”

Just don’t stop moving forward.  Don’t look for reasons to stop.  I have some people tell me that when things do not go their way it is a “sign for them to stop.”  This is not a stop sign working to change your life!  Stop looking for stop signs.  I have seen people who get things moving in life and then something hard happens or something comes up that throws a wrench in their plans and they say, “Oh, this is a sign I need to stop.”

No, it isn’t.

This is an opportunity for you to buckle down, change your perspective, and be more grateful for the opportunities you have.

I think it was Martin Luther King, Jr. who said, “I don’t know what the whole staircase looks like but I’m going to take the next step.”  You do not always know what the staircase looks like. Just keep moving. Keep doing the things that lead to success. Your dreams are attainable!

Struggle is not the time to quit.  It’s a time to buckle down, change your perspective, and be grateful for the opportunity you have.

God is a God of abundance.  He does not want you to be broke, unable to afford rent, empty of cash.  He wants you to prosper!  We live in an abundant world where there is plenty of money available.  There is so much opportunity out there.  He wants to help you find the great sellers and make awesome deals.

He wants you to have money and make money and own houses, because then you can turn around and provide a beautiful place for people to live.  That’s what you’re destined for!

Stop telling yourself the bad stories.

To change your life you have to rewrite the story so that it inspires Truth with hope and abundance and trust and faith.  Stop looking for stop signs. Look for what is opportunity to buckle down and work hard and dig in to get the deals done.  The only way for your dreams to come true is to do the work. Connect with people, kiss some babies, build relationships, and close deals.  Stop making excuses that stop you from moving forward.

You can’t cash your excuses at the bank, not yours or your tenants, or anyone’s.  Excuses don’t pay the bills, and I don’t accept them; not in the coaching group, not in life.

You can’t cash your excuses at the bank.

What are your good stories?

Tell me, what are the stories that you are going to tell yourself now to reap the amazing goals that you want to sow?  You reap what you sow. Sow good stories, so that you can reap them coming true!

Tell me about your celebrations.  I want to hear your successes and lessons that you’ve taken away in the things that could be thought of as bad.  Re-write your stories to tell the story you want to see come true. I can’t wait to hear all about them in the group.

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