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You asked for a fun, fast, free way to get motivated seller leads and we are delivering!

Things you will need to make the most waves on Facebook (Homework):

3 selfie pictures in front of a house you would like to buy

3 pictures of PRETTY houses you would like to buy

3 pictures of UGLY houses you would like to buy

3 pictures of FSBO houses with the sign in the yard that you would like to buy.

= 12 pictures of 12 DIFFERENT houses

These pictures need to be current, no date stamps and they need to be decent quality pics!

I suggest taking an hour or two to drive for dollars in your town to find all of these pictures before we start the challenge together.

You may NOT use Google images to find sample house pictures.

Houses across the country look different.

For example, if I asked you to imagine a Florida house, you would get a different picture in your head that if I said to imagine an Arizona house…

or a New York house…

or a Georgia house…

or a California house…

It is SUPER important that the pictures you get are of houses in your ideal buying Honey Hole – in your local area.

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Let’s bring in those leads y’all!

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