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I’ve been on a few podcasts and tv shows about real estate.
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Selling in a Skirt
Lifestyle Housing
Real Estate Investing Profits
Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach
Challenge Assumptions Podcast
The Rising Entrepreneur
Michael Blank
Business Life & Coffee
Liz Theresa
Real Estate Radio Live
The Rebel Broker
Flip Talk
GSD Mode
Deal Farm Podcast
Mail Right
Work @ Home Rockstart Podcast
Lady Boss Blogger

Older Podcasts

Keeping It Simple & Crushing It with Whitney Nicely

Introducing Whitney Nicely East, a true rockstar in the real estate industry who takes the action necessary to win the game. Whitney is a Licensed Real Estate Broker, Auctioneer, Educator and Coach. Whitney believes in keeping it simple, and while doing so also gets...

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Southern Investing With Whitney Nicely

One of the biggest interests in the Bay Area is investing in real estate. Unfortunately, if you’re looking at something nearby the numbers just won’t make sense for an investment property. Today Joe chats with Whitney Nicely to find out about opportunities that exist...

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