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How to Find Super Motivated Sellers for real estate investing

If you have been beating your head against a wall trying to find motivated sellers to approach for investing leads, today I want to share my #1 strategy to solve your problem.

Yes, it is stupid simple.  And, yes, you might even feel like a fool for giving it a try.  But, trust me, ego aside, it works!

How to Find Motivated Sellers with One SUPER Simple Tool

So, here it is.  My #1 stupid simple solution: my bright yellow button that says “I BUY HOUSES.”

Truly, it really is that simple.

And, I also know that because it is stupid easy, you are likely going to struggle with a bunch of feelings, and pushback about the button.  So, say it with me, “You can’t take your excuses to the bank.”

I get it.  Really, I do.  My boyfriend (now husband) was not too thrilled years ago when I started wearing this ugly yellow button all of the time.  He thought I was crazy, and was really offended that I wore by button alllll the time! Whether we were on dates, or going to church, my button tagged along.  And, he was not thrilled.

However, when the button started to stir up conversations with motivated sellers out of the blue, it became apparent just how effective this tool was.

And, he came back with his tail between his legs.

Truth be told, I took his words as a challenge.  My response? “Hold my beer and watch this…

(I quit drinking since then, but that was definitely my response at the time).

Then I went on to make 14 deals in the next nine months and generate nearly $140,000!

And, guess what? It was ALL from my stupid little ugly yellow button.

He saw how well I was doing, and realized that he had been wrong the whole time.  Let’s be real here, this is how people can be sometimes.

It stinks, but often well-meaning people will get in the way of your success with their doubts.

Not everyone will understand your real estate investing ambitions. But, YOU have to know that your goals are realistic and achievable, and then get out there and show them all!

And, I know it is not fun, at all.  Family, friends, neighbors, bosses, etc. can all be major blocks and barriers to success.  This is why you need to have yourself focused on what you are trying to accomplish, and learn to block out all of the rest of that noise.

The fact is that your success will be the greatest preaching to all of those people, so don’t worry about defending yourself.  Just get out there with your beautiful ugly yellow button, and let the deals roll.

Everyone you talk you in about your button and real estate is a potential lead to find motivated sellers.

Did you catch that?  EVERYONE you talk to….

I don’t care if it is the cashier at the grocery store, or the salesman at Target, or your waiter at the restaurant.  If they ask you about the button, you have an open door to share exactly what you do and that you are always looking for houses to buy.

Make sure you give your number and information so that they can get in touch with you, even if it is not for them.  You’d be surprised how many people know someone who has a house that they are looking to sell or get rid of.

But, you’ll never gain access to those leads if no one knows that you have the answer to their problem.

This button is the easiest way to start up conversations with strangers.  And, I know if might feel weird and uncomfortable, but it is time to get over that.  Always keep your mind on the bigger picture and your goals. If you are afraid that someone somewhere will judge or criticize you, accept it.  I’m positive that someone will.  The question you have to ask yourself is whether their opinion will pay your bills.  Will it?

Go get yourself a button!

You can usually get these little babies made at Staples or other office supply stores.  Call ahead and make sure, and then go get yours made!

I also give three of these in my First Deal Done Fast package for all of those who are super serious about really changing their lives through real estate investing.

There is not a doubt in my mind that these buttons are crucial to a successful investing adventure, so get out there and get yours today!

Don’t miss out also on the free gift I’m giving to all of my new subscribers!  I want to make sure you have the best of the best information for your investing journey, so I put together a simple 10 Steps to Your First Deal PDF so that all of your initial questions get answered.

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What is stopping you from tracking down motivated sellers?

Ask yourself, what is holding you back?  Are you afraid of what other people will think?  Maybe you are afraid of failure…or success? Comment below and let’s talk it out, because I truly believe that any woman can do what I do.

And, I believe that your dreams are worth seeing come true.  You can do this!