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How to Get Rich with Passive Income from Real Estate Investing

If you’ve ever wondered how to get rich with real estate investing, but determined that things must be too good to be true, let me tell you a little secret: that really depends on how fast you want to get rich.

Real estate investing is not a get rich QUICK situation.  You cannot and should not expect to see tens of thousands of dollars coming your way in just a few days looking for houses.

But, I can tell you without a doubt how to get rich in real estate investing if you are willing to do the work and embrace the value of passive income growth.

How to Get Rich with Passive Income from Investing in Real Estate

Some of those gurus out there will try to entice you with all kinds of fictitious temptations.  But, I am going to give it to you straight. Real estate investing is not an overnight financial success story.  Transactions and deals take time to find, set up, negotiate, and close. You really cannot expect to make thousands in a day, but you really could do it in 30 days.

I have been asked the question before, “How long does it take to make money in real estate investing?”

And, honestly, I say, “Well, that depends.  The longer you wait to get started, the longer it takes to make money….”

30 days.  If you are reading this, or watching the video I added, then in 30 days you, too, could have a few thousand dollars in your pocket with a great new deal, and have a few hundred or more coming in with passive income.

But, you have to do the work.

Now, I have successfully closed deals in well under 30 days.  In fact, in the span of one weekend, I had a contract on a house Friday morning, had people looking at moving into the house that afternoon, who sent in their paperwork that evening, and it was approved by Monday morning.  Once approved, they signed their contract with me Monday afternoon and moved in Monday night.

And guess what?  Not only did I begin earning $150 every month in passive income on the property, but I also made $5000 from the buyers in the span of the weekend.  Not too shabby!

I know that $150 passive income does not sound like much at all, but it all begins to add up the more and more you do this process.  When I was recording my video, I had 13 houses, some land, and 19 apartment units. And, I typically make around $500 per house per month.

So, as the deals continue to add up, the passive income potential really will begin to snowball for you.  Some deals may be a few hundred, and others could be $1000-$2000 in profit every month!

The more you get used to this, the farther along you will go, and the more money you will continue to bring in month by month.

Who wouldn’t want an extra $5000 or more coming in every month?!

I talk to women all the time who would absolutely love to bring in an extra $2000 each month with passive income.  That is life-changing money! One deal, one plan at a time and is the greatest path for how to get rich with real estate investing.

Yes, there are plenty of techniques to use once you get into real estate investing.  But the step-by-step path for bringing in a solid passive income is the same with all of them.

This is why I teach women how to use the same strategies and methods that I love to use to develop a complete plan of action.  All of the details are completely laid out in First Deal Done Fast.  If you are really eager about trying to figure it all out, this course is for you.

Now, one of the dudes I have taking my course (and there are only, maybe, 6 of them, lol), just recently got started with the program and has been at work for about 12 weeks looking for and working on deals.  He let me know that he was closing a deal where he had worked it out so that he will be making $750 a MONTH in passive income! His agreement for seller financing has him paying about $900 each month, but rent in the area is $1650!

And, believe it or not, this is not that uncommon!

Deals like this are everywhere, so YES, you definitely can live off of the passive income you can generate from real estate investing.  This is how to get rich from real estate! It is NOT overnight, or “quick,” or free of effort and work, but it is doable and fast for all intents and purposes.

Do you want to know how to get rich? Really?

I know there are plenty of naysayers out there who think all of this is just a sham.  All I have to say is – Are you one of them? Do you really want to change your life, and learn how to do is with real estate investing?  Or are you full of excuses and naysaying, ready to throw the towel in the minute it gets rough?

You have to ask yourself.  Because, if you really want to know how to get rich, and if you are serious about changing your life like you never thought possible, creating generational wealth, and living with financial freedom, this is a way.  But, it is not for people who just want to talk and argue, but never take action.

This is not for someone who is full of excuses, and does not have a teachable mind.

So, which one are you?

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Now, get to work and achieve your goals!