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Make Money Fast by Investing in Real EstateReady to make money fast with real estate?  Interested to learn how to make money fast by investing in real estate?  Check out these stories of people who have made four to six-figures, some closing a deal in as short as 8 days!  First Deal Done Fast brings the best of coaching and community to get you making money fast and closing deals with confidence.

Make Money FAST by Investing in Real Estate

I am so excited to share with you the results that we are seeing in the First Deal Done Fast masterclass that is going on right now.  I mean, I am beyond thrilled.  The results that we are seeing with the students are completely blowing me away, and truly some of the students are just blasting into the investment world with a bang.

We have so many wonderful celebrations happening in the class.  Some students have just stepped into action and taken their first call.  Others are setting up appointments and meeting with sellers to discuss their options.  And still more are getting ready to close some seriously amazing deals in the four to six-figures!  It’s amazing, like they are truly blowing my mind because they are seriously making money FAST!

What is truly amazing about the group is that everyone works together to provide helpful tips, tricks, experiences, and support to really keep each other moving forward, making money, and succeeding in their goals.  I love seeing it happen. People are posting, liking, sharing, commenting, and just getting the momentum building day after day after day. It pumps me up to see such a great team environment, truly.

One gentleman who has been in the group for about six months, who I didn’t even know had anything lined up, just posted in the group the other day that he’s closed his first deal!  He’s been working so hard to get things moving and then finally to see him blast through is just so exciting.

The community encouragement and support is just astounding.

If you are at all interested in getting real estate deals done, this is just the best place to hang out.  It’s definitely the most fun place I’ve found to be.

One of my ladies who seriously just joined the group eight days ago is already heading to get a signed contract!  That is eight days from starting the class to her first deal, blowing up the water with making money fast!  Another one of my ladies just closed a deal last week that profited her $20,000 in a wholesale transaction.  And, in the next few months another one is set to close a wholesaling deal that will net her well into the six-figures…one her first deal!  YES!  I tend to focus more on lease options, but every once in a while someone will have a great wholesale opportunity and I know how to navigate those, too, but goodness, I am so excited for these ladies and their successes.  

It is all about finding your particular honey hole.

My goal is to help you to discover where you like to buy and help you really niche down so you’re not out there talking to a million people until you’re blue in the face.  My goal is to teach you how to find properties and talk to the right kinds of people and really let them know what you are looking for, how soon you can close, where you want to be, and how you can help them.  THAT is how you make money fast in this business.

You need to find your particular honey hole, and really niche down with your sellers.  THAT is how you make money in this business.

Each seller situation is unique and different, and not every deal is a good one!  I was talking to one of the ladies the other day who has been working towards buying a trailer park for several months, but has been having some issues with the seller.  She finally got to the point, though, that she said, “You know what. There’s a reason your property has been on the market for two years and I’m playing with you anymore.  Bye.  I don’t want it.”  And what a relief that was for her. You know so we celebrated that on the call today.

Don’t Be Afraid to Celebrate Every Experience

I celebrate all kinds of things.  Apparently it is quite different from other kinds of real estate groups.  I have talked to so many of my students who seem so unsure about how to share what they’re going through, for some reason thinking that it isn’t worth discussing.  I have to pull things out of them because my thought is, “Don’t hold back. Tell me what’s going on, the real what’s going on, so that I can help you.”

And sometimes they will tell me, “I turned down a deal,” and I just say, “Well, that’s awesome!  You turn down as many deals as you need to, because all that does is clear up space in your brain and in your life and in your energy to bring on the good deals.”

Celebrate the No’s, too.

It is good to celebrate the no’s, too.  There is power in no.  I love to say no; I may not always love to hear no, but I surely love to say it.  And, we need to celebrate it. The no provides so many lessons right along with the yesses.  

There is the opportunity to reflect and inspect the situation to determine if there were some missing tips or symptoms in the experience that were actually warnings signs to something wrong with the deal.  Is there something I could take away from this to avoid next time?  What were the red flags? And even recognizing the value of not wasting even more time with that deal.  There is power in the no.

Every no is just another opportunity to reflect and evaluate what lessons you can learn from the experience.  It is never a wasted opportunity.

I am here to help you figure out your best methods for success and investment.

One of my ladies has decided to drop her real estate license because having it was just creating a nightmare for her life.  This is not what I would usually recommend, but if that is what is best for her and what she wants, then I support it!  There are other ladies who, once they joined First Deal Done Fast, they went on to get their real estate license and now their making listings left and right.

I am your biggest fan. My purpose here is to help you get your goals met in whatever way is best for you.  I love seeing my students grow in the confidence and knowledge for how to move forward and make money fast in real estate investment with First Deal Done Fast.  I especially love to see how the group interacts to provide that constant stream of support and encouragement to spur each other on. It is just the best.

I teach primarily what I call the SLOW method: Seller Lease Options with Whitney.  This is how to buy houses without putting money down, without mortgage brokers, without licenses, while learning how to work with for sale by owners and even talk to people that are not even actively trying to sell their house.

That’s what I teach people how to do: find the people that are having problems and then solve their problems.  

We do it with sandwich lease options, but sometimes we do wholesale deals. Sometimes we do vacation rental deals.  Sometimes we talk about apartment deals. I prefer using lease options, but if you want to come in and learn about lease options, yet plan to keep wholesaling or listing, and just want to have this as another tool in your tool belt, that is not a problem.  I am happy to help you with that.

And, it’s springtime now, which is the ideal time to get moving in real estate.

For decades the real estate market comes to life in the spring. People want to sell their houses, list their houses, start making investments, and it is just a super fast paced time.  I typically will start picking up houses in March/April/May and by June have about 10-15 houses, then I do not even have to find any more.  It’s just time to move through selling those and making money for the rest of the year.

So, if you are ready to get your first deal done fast, it is such a great time to join.  This course is self-paced, so you can go through it as fast or as slowly as you like. All the details are on the website.  Go to, check it out, and sign-up. I cannot wait to help you to some make money fast with real estate investment.

Make sure you don’t miss out on my videos by subscribing to my YouTube channel.  I’ve got so much good stuff to help you learn!

And if you are seriously ready to dive into real estate investing and learn all the ins and outs to get some serious movement with your money, let’s get you started with First Deal Done Fast!  Between the course and the mastermind group, and my personal investing of my time to make sure you understand everything you need to be fully successful with this as fast as possible.  Click here to learn more now!