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Have you ever wondered about multi-family real estate investing?  Maybe you are ready to branch out a bit more in your investing journey?  I know the feeling, and am thrilled to tell you: DO IT!

When I was ready to take some new steps in my journey, I started down the path of multi-family real estate.  And, I am so incredibly glad that I did.

But, before we get too far in the details here, let’s discuss the basics.

What is Multi-Family Real Estate?

If you have any experience in real estate investing, you know that there are several different types of properties that exist: residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial.  But, what you may not realize is that multi-family real estate has some overlapping potential in these groups.

Multi-family real estate is simply a form of housing that provides separate occupants individual, self-contained units in a single building.  This could be a joined housing structure, like a duplex/triplex/quadplex, or a larger building of 20+ apartments, etc.

What is important to understand is that the real estate investment is in the entire complex, not just one of the single units.  Make sense? Good.

Moving on.

What are the Different Types of Multi-Family Properties?

I already mentioned a few words you may not yet understand, so let’s review.

Duplex – A single piece of property with two self-contained units that connect within one existing structure.

Triplex – A single piece of property with three self-contained units that connect within one existing structure.

Quadplex – (I’m sure you’re seeing the pattern…) A single piece of property with (count ‘em) four self-contained units that connect within one existing structure.

All of these multi-family properties are considered residential properties, because they have 4 or less units in them.

Got it?  Great!

But, wait…there’s more.

Once you start looking at properties that contain 5 or more units, you have now begun the journey into commercial real estate.  

Oftentimes this will be properties like apartment complexes.

Sidenote: Different places around the country seem to vary in their use of these terms (duplex/triplex/quadplex).  In New York these terms actually are the number of levels in the property. So, for sake of clarity, we are talking specifically about the individual number of self-contained units.  Mmmm-kay?

Now, do you remember how I made $140,000 in just 9 months after getting started in real estate investing?

Here’s the thing: multi-family real estate played a big part in my success!

Why?  Because a single financial transaction on my part provided the opportunity for multiple streams of income in one single property.  This is why I adore multi-family real estate investing. And, why you might want to branch out and give it a try, too.

multi-family real estate, get started in real estate investing, real estate investing for beginners, investing in real estate

When I moved into the multi-family arena, I already had a few single-family properties under my belt.  So, multi-family was the perfect “next step.” It is a great way to apply skills that you already know in a whole new way to make even more money each month (I call it mailbox money).

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step, Too?

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Think It’s Time to Level Up?

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Multi-Family Real Estate is an Amazing Way to Get Money Coming in the Mail EVERY Month

We all want to simplify this life thing.  It can be crazy sometimes with family and work and responsibilities and bills, etc., etc., etc.  So, let’s work together and make something simple.  Personally, I like to make monthly cashflow fairly automatic…but that’s just me.  Oh, it isn’t? That’s you, too! Well, awesome!

Then let’s get you started in the next step of your investing journey: multi-family real estate, baby!

There are so many great opportunities with this new stream of income.  (My favorite is the money rolling through the door on your set day every month….)  You are capable of rocking this new venture for your financial future. Let’s get to it!

Have you ever considered multi-family real estate for investing?  What is the greatest fear in your way of getting started? Leave a comment and let me know what gets in the way of you achieving your dreams in real estate investing.