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Why Women in Real Estate are the best!There is nothing that thrills me more than women in real estate.  As a women in real estate investing, I know that women make the best investors.  I’ve seen firsthand the imbalance between the women and the men in this field, and ladies, it’s time to put that to an end.

We have amazing natural strengths that make women in real estate the perfect combination!  And, there is nothing in our way except our own heads.

Why Women in Real Estate are the Best!

There is so much I could share about women in real estate.  And, after a few years working as a real estate investor I am convinced that we are the best in this arena because of a few key things:

  • Natural at it
  • Sixth sense that can pick up on good locations
  • Uncanny ability to turn a crappy house into a comfortable home

There is this amazing thing that women have that just makes conversation and connection with a seller so natural.  We can just grasp the importance and value of relationships. It is critical to connect with a seller, so women in real estate excel in this core skill naturally.

We also have an incredible ability to really sense whether or not a property is in a good location.  There is a natural pulse of the location that we can sense and it makes us incredibly effective at choosing a solid investment property.  Women in real estate just grasp the importance of location. It is not solely about the numbers, but also that inner sixth sense.

Finally, we have these little inclinations to “make a house a home.”  So, women in real estate are incredible at turning trash to treasure, especially with a piece of crap house.  We can see the vision for the house, and then make it a reality. It is awesome.

But, We Make a Poor Showing in the Real Estate Investing Space

Men, however, take up most of the space in real estate investing.  It doesn’t make sense.

Since the beginning of time, women have been the ones making a house a home.” ~ Whitney

Why are women not engaging in this sector of the marketplace?  I believe I know why.

Because women need women.  We need the community of female energy to partner together for our greatest successes.  There is a power and growth that comes along with connecting with other women to be spurred onward in our goals.  And, there is nothing different when it comes to women in real estate (read my post about how to get started in real estate investing).

So, there is this vacuum right now.  Women in real estate are really uncommon and infrequent.  And, this makes it hard to find the support and encouragement that we need to succeed.  As women, we do best when we can bounce ideas off of each other, share stories, learn from each other, and be inspired by each other.

Let’s face it ladies, we speak a different language than men.

Women and men are different.  We just don’t care about the same things that they do, especially when it comes to real estate investing.

Recently, a male investor’s ads have bombarded me on my Facebook feed.  And, the most annoying part about it was that the ads were totally irrelevant to me.  I don’t care about the fancy car, number of commas in the closing checks, or how big his personal house is.  That just does NOTHING for me. It does not inspire me or motivate me at all.

As a woman, I care about being able to have the freedom to support my husband in his work requirements for his job.  I want to be able to say yes to giving a check to the local team that needs funding for an event at our church. Or, knowing that because of what I do I can say yes to my step-kids’ field trips, and even volunteer!

These are the things we women care about.

And, the men don’t get that.  The men real estate gurus are NOT talking about these things.  This is why we need each other. We women speak each other’s language and share common interests and motivations.  We get it.

I’m not trying to put men down.  That’s not at all the point here.  The issue is that women need to embrace the fact that we need each other with these ambitions of ours.  We need to surround ourselves with other focused, intentional, hard-working women so that when things take a dive we have support.  Women want to build wealth and work alongside of their husbands to share the weight of providing.

"As a woman in real estate investing, I know women make the best investors." - Whitney Nicely

A woman will totally understand the emotional rollercoaster that comes with the disappointment.  She will be able to provide helpful ways to move through the struggle, while also providing empathy and understanding.

Women need women to speak on their level.

People who can be real and share what they’re thinking, but know that there’s deep respect present, too.  This is why I truly believe how badly women need First Deal Done Fast. We need each other.

I have a friend who has to downplay her amazing success when she’s with her friends.  The reason she feels the need to do this is because they will trash talk her right to her face!  They minimize her success and accuse her of not spending enough time with her kids, or working too hard, or whatever else they can say.  

Ladies, that is crap.  It is terrible. We should not have to defend our ambitions and successes to each other.  This is why I created First Deal Done Fast. It is a complete environment of support, encourage, and celebration for all of it!

We celebrate the successes and the failures, because they all matter.

They all help to move us forward in our goals.  There is nothing I love more.

I have not found any other place online that is chock full of women cheering each other on in their successes and goals.  It’s such a blast. These women love their husbands and love their kids, and they want to be part of the financial help for the family.  They want to leave a legacy that expands beyond just cooking and making babies. And, seriously, they work hard to do just that.

There is just something so beautiful about women who know what they want and will not stop until they get it.  It is my favorite thing in the whole world to see a woman stand in her power and embrace her ambition. Women have such an incredible way of working hard for their goals, but doing it so that everyone wins!  I don’t know many people who would rather negotiate with some detached and fact-focused man. Do you?

Maybe you are one of these women.

It could be that you desire to leave a legacy, too, and do something more than just be at home.  Or maybe you have the ambition to truly dig into amazing work that will help to bring your husband home from a job he hates.  I’ve even seen women do this so that their husband can quit and do a complete career change.

It does not matter what your reasons are, but if you have them then it’s time to get you started.  Because women make the best real estate investors, and there is nothing better than seeing a committed woman shred her goals with hard work and action.  And alongside of that hard work is a whooping and hollering group of women celebrating, too, with First Deal Done Fast.

Women in Real Estate Need Community

Women need each other.  This is how we accomplish our goals: connecting with a supportive community of women who get it.  We achieve it by rejecting the advice and criticisms of women who don’t even try to understand, yet feel free to offer their two-cents of judgment.  And, it is available to you if you are ready to take action.

You’re worth it.  The dreams that you have are not an accident.  Jump in.  Join up, and let’s work together to help you change your life for the better.  You are not alone. You can do this.

What dreams have you tossed aside for your life?  Why? Share in the comments below.