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How quickly can I make money with FDDF?

Leslie made $12k in less than 7 weeks! Click here to find out how!

What if I want to buy outside of the USA?

What if I have a license?

That’s totally cool! I do too! Check out Daisy’s $100k month without using her license! Check it out here.

What if I have bad credit?

You don’t need credit! JR explains it perfectly! Watch now.

Does First Deal Done Fast cover Wholesaling?

YES! Sheila has mastered it via FDDF! Click to watch.

I have kids. Will that be a problem?

Nope! Kids make it more fun! Check out how Josee balances her mom life! Click to find out how.

I’ve taken other coaching programs before. How is this different?

It’s TOTALLY different (but the same). Click here to see what Jason thinks about FDDF.

I’ve done a few wholesale deals but it’s been awhile. Is FDDF different?

Um, YES! FDDF is so much better because times have changed! Check out what Juanita said!

I’m running another business and I’m a single mom. How will I fit in real estate investing?

I only want you to do ONE deal a month. Click here to watch how Rose is combining everything! 

My husband and I are both Realtors. But we need passive income. Will FDDF work for us to buy rental houses?

YESSS!!! This is a husband and wife team in Florida who are KICKING butt together!!! Click here and check it out.

How quickly can I get a deal done?

Well the Patton’s got a deal SUPER fast! Click to watch.

I actually know you in real life. Will FDDF work for me?

LOL! YESSSSS!!! Ben and I went all through school together. Now his wife is ready to invest! So they are going through FDDF as a TEAM! Click to hear what they have to say!

What if nobody in my family believes that I can be an investor?

Oh. I have BEEN there. Tai and I talk all about it here.

I live in a really expensive market. Will FDDF work for me?

YESSSS!!!! Janine is working out a deal or THREE in PEBBLE BEACH!!!! Click to learn more.

I have been in real estate and making big bucks for awhile. Will FDDF help me?

YES! Courtney was in the same boat and bought her first rental in FDDF Plus! Click here to watch.

Where can I find people who want to buy a house via Lease Options?

Ashley and I discuss this on today’s call!! Click to listen.

How do I deal with contractors?

Maribou and I discuss contractors and how to divide up money to get these deals done! Click to listen to Maribou.

What if I want to invest far away from where I live?

Ashley lives in CA but invests long distance in CO! Check out her first few deals!

I know real estate is the way to ultimate financial freedom. Will I learn that in FDDF?

YESSSSS!!!!! Jill explains it PERFECTLY! This is the way to get what you really WANT! Click here.

Is this the same information that everyone else is giving?

Renada says it’s way BETTER than ANYTHING else she’s EVER tried! Click here.

What if I’m a …. DUDE?!!?